Business Introduction

Business Overview

As Real Estate Development Professionals

At City Cruise, our business is divided into two categories, “real estate development” and “real estate consulting.”
In both cases, we aim to make unparalleled and high-quality proposals that fully utilize our superior planning and judgment capabilities.

Real Estate Development

Real Estate Development

We work with major developers on condominium development projects. We also develop single-unit properties for partner REITS, partner funds, and investors. We mainly service the greater Tokyo metropolitan and Osaka (Kinki) regions, but we have conducted business throughout Japan. We also handle various properties such as condominiums and hotels.

Real Estate Consulting

We organize rights related to leased land and houses, real estate acquisition through M&A, and negotiations between landowners/administrators and neighboring residents in redevelopment projects. In addition, we work to solve any issues that occur onsite.

Real Estate Consulting

Collaboration with an IT Company

Through collaboration with Cube Earth Co., Ltd., which has 3D space addressing technology that can manage geospace, we are aiming to establish a data linkage platform that will drive a data-driven society with concepts such as smart city planning.

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Real Estate Brokerage

Real Estate Brokerage

We act as an intermediary agent for real estate sales and purchases. We also mediate real estate trust beneficiary rights as a Type II financial instruments business operator.

Business Model

Our reliable information gathering and onsite capabilities
optimize any land as a product.

City Cruise’s business starts with optimizing any type of real estate as a product.
Based on various information obtained from our partner network, our working team is dispatched to the site where they conduct steady activities. We will propose the optimal contents in the optimal format for any real estate based on the solution power that is unique to City Cruise.


Issues faced by various types of real estate

  • Long-standing problems Real estate with rights
  • Investor-owned  profitable real estate
  • Non-performing loan mortgaged real estate
  • Restoring asset compressed real estate
  • Effective use of real estate for owners who don't want to sell

Obtaining information through partner networks

City Cruise Solutions

  • Flexible Response to Sellers

    To Sellers
    Flexible Response

  • Control of Rights (House Lease/Land Lease Rights)

    Control of Rights
    (House Lease/Land Lease Rights)

  • Goal setting and optimal process construction

    Goal setting and
    optimal process construction

  • Marketing and Value-Up

    Marketing and

Providing real estate content

  • Major Developers
  • REITs
  • Funds
  • Investors
  • General Condominium Purchasers

What separates City Cruise from the rest

A powerful network
and comprehensive production capacity for land development

We have a strong network that enables us to collect a wide variety of information related to land development.
and the ability to comprehensively produce every process, from land acquisition to planning.
These two strengths make City Cruise’s proposals stand out from the competition.


We gather information from a wide range of fields,
including the real estate and financial industries.

Utilizing the powerful extensive network we have built up over the years, we continuously and exclusively collect information from major developers, financial institutions, and real estate related companies. We make the most of this information to offer high value-added proposals that only City Cruise can offer.


Total Production,
aimed at maximum profit

City Cruise offers comprehensive production services, including land acquisition, planning, construction management, leasing, and administration. We exploit our diverse and abundant experience to aim for balanced cost reduction with a bird’s eye view of the overall plan, and work to deliver high efficiency and maximum profit.


The mobility and flexibility to handle
any and all areas and properties

We have experience in development projects in Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, Okinawa, and other areas throughout Japan. We handle a wide range of properties, including land for condominiums, commercial facilities, hotels, and logistics sites. This ability to handle any area and any property is one of City Cruise’s essential qualities.


Proposing optimal development plans
that make the most of a property’s appeal

What property will make the most of a plot of land’s characteristics? What content will lead to an area’s development? Our plans are based on detailed analysis of data gathered from various sources. We use perspectives cultivated from our diverse development experience, which are not limited to any particular area or property, to propose the optimal property for development.


Through our business,
we aim to contribute to society and local communities.

City Cruise is not just out to maximize profit. One of our goals is also to devote all of our efforts to create products that will please our customers, based on our mission to “coexist with and contribute to society and local communities.” We believe that doing this will create new bonds and lead to both our company’s and society’s development.


Expansion into Myanmar

We aim to contribute
beyond national borders, to various regions.

We set up our Myanmarese subsidiary City Cruise Myanmar, and are also engaged in overseas projects.
We established a special purpose company (SPC) to develop land provided by local landowners, and obtained various permits and authorizations.
We are working with major developers to develop hotels, condominiums, and other projects.

Services available throughout Japan

From Hokkaido to Okinawa.
we do business in all regions.

City Cruise has built up a track record of development in all regions, including the Tokyo and Osaka metropolitan areas, Fukuoka, and Okinawa, and we won’t put any limits on the scope of our future business. As long as there is property information, we can speedily get to anywhere in Japan to do our work and propose a development plan that makes the most of a plot of land’s features.

Services available throughout Japan

Examples of development projects in various regions

Minami Senrioka planned condominium in Settsu City, Osaka

Project with Nippon Steel Kowa Real Estate. The City Cruise Group acquired an old apartment building, and after its 14 tenants vacated, planned an equivalent exchange project with the owner of adjacent (privately owned) land for a condominium project for Nippon Steel Kowa Real Estate on the entire site.

Minami Senrioka planned condominium in Settsu City, Osaka

Imajuku planned commercial and food factory in Chigasaki City, Kanagawa

The City Cruise Group acquired a former recreation facility, and after dismantling it and acquiring the adjacent land, sold it as a site for a food factory and a drugstore.

Imajuku planned commercial and food factory in Chigasaki City, Kanagawa

Ginoza Okinawa resort hotel project

For a beachfront resort, we obtained a development permit for a plan including an entrance lobby where you can feel the light and wind, and guestroom designs offering unprecedented sense of space. After obtaining the permit, the project was sold to a foreign corporation.

Ginoza Okinawa resort hotel project
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